Sample yearbook write-up!

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Yearbook
  1. Juan is one of the most exuberant people you’ll ever meet, brimming over with enthusiasm every time you see him. His witty jokes and easy smile brighten your day whenever you’re feeling down.He has many friends, but he makes it a point to always spend time with each of them.
  2. Juan de la Cruz is fearless. Whenever a teacher call for a volunteer, his hand is always the first in the air, and every time that he is in front of an audience, he seems utterly composed and relaxed. No one will ever forget his captivating performance during our Ramayana in third year.
  3. Fake bugs and whoopee cushions follow in Juan’s wake. His mischievous ways have almost gotten him in trouble several times, every time a teacher discovered his pranks! He spends his free time playing basketball and being actively involved in the Astrosoc Club, which he has been a member of since his first year.
  4. Juan is a good-hearted and generous person. Whatever he has, he is willing to give to those in need. He happily accommodates those who need money, books, lab gowns, calculators, or even homework help! His giving nature endears him to all those who know him.

Maria de la Paz
Topaz – Sampaguita – Strontium – Truth
To define myself through 300-something words is truly a challenge. I could say I’ve been a class officer every year. I could say I’m part of C.A.R.E., Samapi, and ASTROSOC. I could say I like chem and math and soc sci, or that I like to write and joined CreW in third year.
There isn’t a lot about me that you can put into words. I’m quiet, kind of shy– the typical
reserved kind of girl. The person in class everyone looks to for pad paper, for an extra pen. The
officer everyone expects to have whatever the class needs– funds, photocopies, assignments,
announcements. The secretary in every group. Never the one who gives ideas, but always the one
who implements. Even my friends tell me this. But I like it. I like everything calm and quiet,
smooth and peaceful. It’s how I roll. Lay low and play safe, that’s my motto. The ladybug kind of
life. Most people… (etc.)


Yes, pwede first person. 😉 Don’t cram your (and your friends’) write-up(s), k!


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